Koraba Jewellery is the place where traditional gemstones meet modern design

Koraba was established in 2006 aiming to be the number one designer of traditional preciuous stones jewellery.

Initially, Koraba Jewellery was uniquely making jewellery with Amber gemstones; both Baltic Amber, mainly found in Poland and Germany, known as the “treasure of the eastern European Sea”, as well as amber from the Caribbean Sea.

As the brand Koraba Jewellery grew, so did our love for gemstones..

Today, we offer a full range of semiprecious and precious gemstones. From the clear diamond-like citrine to the rustique pink quartz and full black stone, onyx.Check out our collections here.

All of the gemstones handled by our craftsmen, goes through a careful selection process, to ensure only the most spectacular stones will be chosen for our unique jewellery. The lucky choosen ones, are set in either 18 carat solid gold, gold plated silver or rhodeum silver and becomes the Koraba Jewellery, available for you.

Personalized service

We go to great lengths to give our customers a great and personal experience with our brand. If you have any questions about us, our existing products or maybe even want to design your own special piece, please contact us by e-mail hello@koraba.com and we will try our very best to help you.


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Store Locations

Continue your journey into the fascinating word of Koraba by visiting one of our locations, where a team of experienced professionals awaits Our Stores here.

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