Our Collections



Our Accessories collection is all of those beautiful things that you have, but not wear. Whether it is a key chain or a walking stick, each one of these items will bring that extra touch of chic into your life.   


Bouquet de Fleurs 

Our “Bouquet de Fleurs” collection is inspired by all of the unique and beautiful flowers you can possibly imagine in a blooming garden. 


Colors of Nature 

The Colors of Nature collection captures the sensation you get from the range of colors, in all of nature that surrounds us. These jewellery pieces can be both different colored gemstones mixed together, or one unique stone in a shade of different colors, like nature itself visioned it. 


Desert Bliss 

Our Desert Bliss collection expresses the happiness and great joy of life, and the beautiful things that are hidden, where little life exists, the desert. 


Frost - Icy Clear Gems

The Frost collection is inspired by the clear and hard surface of water freezing in low temperature. All the pieces in this collection have a purity and clearness to its appearance, created for you to frost yourself with. 



Gaia comes from the Greek word “Yaia” meaning the mother of earth in Greek mythology. Our Gaia collection is characterized by its elegance and inspired by fierce earth women. 


Island Glam

Those everyday jewellery pieces that is just perfect for a glamorous day at the beach, by the pool or wherever life brings you. Inspired by the jewellery found in the various Islands of Greece.  


Leaf Collection 

A leaf can leave a trace in a stone that lives on forever. Our Leaf Collection captures all of those special and unique patterns created by nature itself.  


Mala - Prayer Beads

The term ‘mala’ is a Sanscrit word for «meditation garland». Originally, mala beads were used for a special style of meditation called Japa, which means «to recite». Malas are used as a tool to help the mind focus on meditation, or count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions.


Milky Dream

The stones used in our Milky Dream collection is natural white amber that, apart from cutting and polishing, is untouched by human hand. People adore the color of this stone, that range from really cold white to the antique, more yellowish white amber.


Misbaha - Prayer Beads

The Misbaha Prayer Beads, or rosaries, are used both for praying and as a decorative accessorie. Dream away while you scroll though this stønning collection of Prayer Beads.

Are you looking for something unique? We make bespoke prayer beads for those special occasions. Contact us on hello@koraba.com for inquiries.   


Morning Dew 

The Morning Dew collection is inspired by the finest droplets of water that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning. Just like morning dew this collection is pure and stunning. 


Natural Amulets 

The word “amulet” comes from the Latin word “ameletum” and means “object that protects a person from trouble”. We dont make any promesses here, but what we can say, is that all the pieces in this collection will make you look extravagant! 


Raw Nature 

Koraba Jewellery loves nature! In our Raw Nature collection we try to preserve the expression of purity and rawness naturally possessed in the gemstone itself. 


Rings for Him 

Even the most masculine men needs some bling in their life. Check out this very handsome collection of jewellery rings for men. 


Secret Garden 

We invite you into the “Secret Garden” collection of Koraba Jewellery, where all our pieces are inspired by the enchanted creatures that lives here..  


Treasure of the Sea 

It exists endless stories of how the Ocean holds treasures .. Dive into our “Treasures of the Sea” collection and find your next piece of jewellery.. your own piece of treasure! 


Tree of Good Luck 

The trees from our Tree of Good Luck collection is the perfect accessory to every home. Not only are they said to give you luck, by it is also a blessing for the eye. 



The Turquoise collection is made with this stylish and bright blue-to-green mineral, that carries the same name. By wearing this items you are sure to make any look pop! 


Unique Jewellery Pieces 

Each item from our “Unique Pieces” collection is 100% natural and therefore one-of-a-kind, in both the color of the stone and the inclusions. If you want to be different from everybody, you want something that no ones else has, you go for a Unique Piece!